With the rapid aging of Hong Kong’s population, there is a rising demand for elderly services. Because the new generation of retirees possesses higher education levels and are accustomed to better living standards, they will expect superior standards of service. As a way to give back to the community, Towngas provides nursing homes with consultancy services along with gas-fired catering appliances and hot water systems. Operators are thus able to lower the cost of creating a comfortable living environment for residents, ultimately enhancing the competitiveness of nursing homes in the growing elderly services market.

Industry Type
Product Type

Model: Blueflame Boiling Table (2-Burner)

Brand: Blueflame

Model: AS-44B (G-T)

Brand: Champion

Model: i-flame

Brand: i-flame

Model: RR-50S1

Brand: Rinnai

Model: ST030

Brand: Speed Queen

Model: Blueflame Boiling Table (4-Burner)

Brand: Blueflame

Model: Blueflame Chinese Cooking Range (Single Unit)

Brand: Blueflame

Model: Blueflame Griddle Range (2-Burner)

Brand: Blueflame
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