The demand for professional childcare services is on the rise in Hong Kong. To help address these needs, Towngas provides kindergartens with gas-fired appliances. These include cooking appliances that support catering for full-day childcare centres, giving delicious and nutritious meals powered by flame cooking to young children of kindergarteners. Our gas-fired dishwashing appliances also help promote high standards of hygiene, lowering the chances of the children falling ill. The kitchen equipment and ventilation systems that we provide to kindergartens have been upgraded to enhance efficiency.

Industry Type
Product Type

Model: Blueflame Boiling Table (2-Burner)

Brand: Blueflame

Model: AS-44B (G-T)

Brand: Champion

Model: i-flame

Brand: i-flame

Model: RR-50S1

Brand: Rinnai

Model: ST030

Brand: Speed Queen

Model: Blueflame Boiling Table (4-Burner)

Brand: Blueflame

Model: Blueflame Chinese Cooking Range (Single Unit)

Brand: Blueflame

Model: Blueflame Griddle Range (2-Burner)

Brand: Blueflame
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