Towngas is a major energy source for hospitals, providing a continuous and reliable supply of clean energy. Hospitals benefit from the high-pressure steam and hot water produced by our gas-fired steam boilers, which can be used for sterilisation, laundering, showering and therapy pool purposes. Our comprehensive line-up of gas-fired catering appliances are ideal for central kitchens, while the humidity level can be controlled through the use of our gas dehumidifiers to improve indoor air quality. These comprehensive gas-fired products support a hygienic hospital environment and enhance service efficiency.

Industry Type
Product Type

Model: Blueflame Boiling Table (2-Burner)

Brand: Blueflame

Model: Blueflame Pig Roaster

Brand: Blueflame

Model: AS-44B (G-T)

Brand: Champion

Model: i-flame

Brand: i-flame

Model: i-flame

Brand: i-flame

Model: MX2 series

Brand: Munters

Model: RR-50S1

Brand: Rinnai

Model: SM803S

Brand: SIN MAG

Model: ST030

Brand: Speed Queen
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