Not only does Towngas provide Hong Kong's hotels with a continuous and reliable gas supply, we also furnish hot water and steam for their central hot water and steam supply systems. We provide cooking ranges equipped for Chinese or Western cuisines, as well as dishwashers, water heaters and boilers. Our gas dehumidifier has also proven popular for controlling relative humidity in indoor swimming pools and guestrooms.

Industry Type
Product Type

Model: Blueflame Boiling Table (2-Burner)

Brand: Blueflame

Model: Blueflame Pig Roaster

Brand: Blueflame

Model: AS-44B (G-T)

Brand: Champion

Model: i-flame

Brand: i-flame

Model: i-flame

Brand: i-flame

Model: MX2 series

Brand: Munters

Model: RR-50S1

Brand: Rinnai

Model: SM803S

Brand: SIN MAG

Model: ST030

Brand: Speed Queen
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