The International KamCha and the Greater Bay Area (HK-Style Milk Tea)2023 New


 The International KamCha and the Greater Bay Area (HK-Style Milk Tea)2023 was successfully held at the Hong Kong International Tea Fair on 18 August 2023. The Kam Cha Competition organized by the Hong Kong Coffee and Tea Association which  is an annual  international competition, this year's theme is " Spread Out  Hong Kong Stories • Intangible cultural heritage in Greater Bay Area". Towngas is the title sponsor of this year, the aim of the competition is to  promote "Hong Kong-style milk tea" as Hong Kong's intangible cultural heritage, so that more people can understand Hong Kong's catering uniqueness, thereby enhancing the status of Hong Kong's catering industry on the international stage.

The kick-off ceremony and preliminary round of this year’s competition in Hong Kong were held on 3 August at the Hong Kong Coffee and Tea Association while the final competition will take place in November in Guangzhou. The event not only brings together milk tea masters from all over the world to share and exchange , but also further promotes Hong Kong-style milk tea culture as  a local intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong to the world.


Sponsoring Choi Fook Wedding Banquet Group for the 2nd " Top Chefs of the Choi Fook Fans Club by Keung’s Kitchen " New


Towngas sponsored Choi Fook Wedding Banquet Group to hold the 2nd "Top Chefs of the Choi Fook Fans Club by Keung’s Kitchen " at the Towngas Cooking Centre on 28 May 2023. On the day of the competition, after understanding for the briefing and competition process, under the demonstration by using flame cooking and guidance of Mr. Ho Chi Keung, Managing Director of Choi Fook Wedding Banquet Group, over 20 betrothed couples learnt how to cook 2 dishes and started competition. The teams with the highest score are selected to enter the final after the review.

The event not only strengthened the connection and mutual understanding with young couples through interesting cooking activities, but also enjoyed the fun of flame cooking and shared cooking experience.


HOFEX 2023 New


HOFEX 2023– Asia’s Leading Food & Hospitality Tradeshow is returning on 10-12 May 2023 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in an immersive physical format, .Towngas cooperated with three partnered exhibitors, namely Champion Group International Limited, Pacific Foodservice Equipment Co. Limited and Kitchen Icon Limited following the theme “ Smart Energy for a Brighter Future” which welcome commercial and industrial customers by introducing & bringing with the highest quality gas appliances and equipment and cutting-edge catering technology, and also provide a platform to unity top talents in the industry, and expand business opportunities.


Towngas supports APAS Automotive Technology Summit 2023 New


The Automotive Platforms and Application Systems R&D Centre (APAS), hosted by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), organised the “APAS Automotive Technology Summit 2023 - New Energy and the Hydrogen Chapter” event on 9 May 2023. The APAS also signed memoranda of understanding (MoU) with mainland automotive industry partners to deepen technology exchange and cooperation in the field. 

Towngas General Manager – Commercial & Industrial Marketing & Sales Mr Don Cheng advocated in his presentation that Hong Kong has unique advantages in developing hydrogen energy. “With 49% of town gas composition being hydrogen, Towngas has successfully set up the first hydrogen extraction system for our gas network in Hong Kong. Through the underground gas pipeline network covering the entire territory, Towngas provides a safe and convenient hydrogen supply solution for local users and promotes the application of hydrogen energy in Hong Kong.” 

During the event, speakers shared the latest developments and business opportunities in new energy and hydrogen energy technologies, the carbon neutrality policy of Hong Kong, and the development of the new energy vehicle market on the Chinese mainland with over 100 industry stakeholders. They also explored how to address the challenges and opportunities in promoting new energy and hydrogen energy technologies, in order to facilitate the sustainable development of the automotive industry.


Towngas representatives visit Japan to study hydrogen energy supply chain and application


From 16 to 19 April 2023, Towngas’ representatives participated in a technical visit on hydrogen energy in Osaka and Kobe, Japan, to understand the local hydrogen energy development. The visit was co-organised by the Energy Institute Hong Kong, the Gas and Energy Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and the Far East District Section of the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers. 

Hydrogen has long been hailed as a clean alternative to fossil fuels. Since 1973, Japan has carried out hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation and utilisation-related technology research. Nowadays, Japan has formed a complete hydrogen energy industry chain, including production, transportation and application. The delegation was shown different hydrogen energy facilities and products during the tour in Japan, including local liquefied hydrogen terminals, hydrogen refuelling stations, various hydrogen power generation equipment, hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen fuel-cell buses and private cars, and exchanged views with relevant professionals on related topics, local laws and policies.

As one of the hydrogen energy suppliers, Towngas is focusing on extracting hydrogen, which comprises 49 per cent of the gas mix in our supplied town gas, providing safe, efficient and low-cost hydrogen energy through the underground pipeline network covering entire Hong Kong. The visit to Japan’s hydrogen energy industry chain and the exchange of experience with relevant professionals will help the Company better understand the opportunities and challenges brought by the large-scale application of hydrogen energy, and be ready for a low-carbon future in Hong Kong.


Supporting Charity Gala Dinner 2023 to spread the great delicacy story of Hong Kong


Organised by the International Master Chefs Charity Association with support from the Kwan Sang Charity Foundation Limited and the Institute of Dining Professionals, the “7th  International Master Chef’s Charity Gala Dinner” will be held in Hong Kong for the first time on 9 October this year. Over 400 renowned Chinese culinary chefs and Michelin-starred chefs from 22 countries and regions will join the 180-table banquet at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to raise funds, with all proceeds going to local welfare organisations.

To commemorate this special occasion, a press conference-cum-kick-off ceremony was held with the theme of “Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Spicy and Salty” at the Chinese Culinary Institute of Hong Kong on 24 March 2023. Mr Paul Chan Mo-po, the Financial Secretary, was invited to be the officiating guest at the ceremony. Various representatives and leaders of catering associations, labour unions and over 40 chefs were also present to kick off the event.

Towngas, as one of the event’s main sponsors, is dedicated to promoting communications between chefs within the international culinary community, drawing energy from every corner of our community, benefiting the community and sharing fruits of success, and telling the world the great story of Hong Kong delicacies.


Hong Kong Disneyland 10K Weekend 2023


After three years, the official “10K Weekend at Hong Kong Disneyland” is back! The event was held in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort on 18 and 19 March 2023. Towngas invited a number of celebrity chefs and their families to participate “Duffy and Friends 3K”, as well as representatives from the hotel and laundry industry to participate in “Marvel Super Heroes 10K”, enjoy this one-of-a-kind running party event together. Beloved Disney characters appeared to cheer on at several unexpected moments, provided an opportunity for bringing our guest together to enjoy exercise and experience healthy living in the pleasant atmosphere of Hong Kong Disneyland.


Towngas Supporting the IMechE (HK Branch) Symposium on Energy Use


Towngas fully supported the Symposium on Energy Use - Liquefied Natural Gas, Hydrogen and Waste Recycle Energy, organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Hong Kong Branch, and co-organised by the Energy Institute Hong Kong and the Department of Mechanical Engineering,The University of Hong Kong.China is targeting to achieve the ”30-60” dual carbon goals, while Hong Kong, the foremost internationalised city of China, also vows to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve these challenging goals, researchers and technical experts are exploring various zero-carbon energy resources. In supporting these goals, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Hong Kong Branch held the Symposium on 10 March 2023 at The University of Hong Kong, with an aim to provide a platform for the government, industries, and academia sectors in the Greater Bay Area and beyond to share their view and industry best practices in the emerging technologies and applications of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Hydrogen (H2), and Waste Recycle Energy.

Towngas General Manager – Commercial & Industrial Marketing & Sales, Mr Don Cheng, and General Manager – Transmission Operation Mr Edmond Fong shared in the Symposium with topics “Landfill Gas Utilisation – Distribution Energy System for HK Hospitals” and “Extraction and Distribution of Hydrogen, Towngas’ Innovative Way”. Towngas looks forward to becoming the main supplier of hydrogen in Hong Kong. Through cooperation with different stakeholders in the market, Towngas will contribute to the establishment of the hydrogen energy industry chain in Hong Kong.


Towngas supporting Hong Kong Engineers Week 2023


From 3 – 11 March 2023, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) hosted the Hong Kong Engineers Week 2023 (HKEW) to enhance the visibility of the engineering profession and showcase the diversity and significance of the work engineers do. Under the theme of “Our Future, We Engineer”, the HKEW comprises engaging events, including competitions, that aim to make a long-lasting positive impression of engineers on younger members of our society.

On 3 March, Towngas Head of Engineering – Hong Kong Utility Mr Simon Ngo and Head of Strategy & Innovation and Commercial – Hong Kong UtilityMr Daniel Fung,attended the opening ceremony as representatives of Towngas at the Hong Kong Palace Museum in kicking off the HKEW.The 3-day “Hong Kong Engineers Week Carnival” was held at Harbourside Lawn, West Kowloon Cultural District, with the theme “Our Living, We Engineer”. Grouped into three major areas of food, accommodation and transport, nearly 40 booths were set up by branches of professional institutions and different companies to share various engineering concepts and technologies. At Towngas’ booth, the public could learn a wide range of carbon reduction tips and understand the close connections between Towngas and everyday life from various perspectives. They also had the opportunity to win prizes and spend a fulfilling and unforgettable weekend.

On 9 March, “The HKIE International Conference” and “The HKIE Grand Award 2023”were held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. Towngas General Manager – Transmission Operation Mr Edmond Fong gave a sharing on the topic “Towngas’ Energy Transition Journey towards Green”.

Towngas has serviced the people of Hong Kong for 160 years by providing safe, reliable supply and quality gas services. As one of the organisations that participated in the Carbon Neutral Partnership, Towngas actively set the carbon reduction targets and timetables and took the lead in deepening and accelerating low-carbon transformation, serving as a role model for the community. Towngas showcased its innovative projects and achievements, including the Integrated PAU with desiccant wheel, smart kitchen appliances and vision in hydrogen supply. Towngas will keep abreast of the times and lead the way to a bright, sustainable future with smart energy!

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