Sponsoring Catering Associations Annual Dinner New


Towngas has cooperated with the catering industry for many years, lending its support to promotional activities of a number of catering associations. This year, Towngas sponsored the Institute of Dining Professionals Annual Dinner and Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades Annual Dinner which were held on 2 December and 16 December respectively at Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel and The Mira Hong Kong to offer a platform for strengthening industry relationships. The occasion fostered cohesion and expanded the network amongst members of the industry, thereby allowing the catering industry to act proactively in the face of the impact brought about by COVID-19 and explore more business opportunities.


The International KamCha Competition 2021 (HK-Style Milk Tea) and The Greater Bay Area KamCha Competition (HK-Style Milk Tea)


The KamCha Competition is an annual international competition hosted by the Association of Coffee and Tea. Towngas has sponsored the whole event this year under the theme of “Intangible cultural heritage recognised internationally, creativity featured in Greater Bay Area”. The aim is that the Hong Kong style milk tea culture can help build a linkage with the greater china and respective cities in the Greater Bay Area, sustaining the reputed and unique culture globally. 

The kick-off ceremony of competition and final competition for Hong Kong Region were initiated at the Association of Coffee and Tea in Kwai Chung on 10 October, while the competition for Greater Bay Area took place on 10 November in Guangzhou. Over 300 candidates were gathered from the cities in Greater Bay Area, including Hong Kong and Macau to demonstrate their expertise and skills to crowning the “King of KamCha in Greater Bay Area” master title. The event did not only build a platform for brewing expects of authentic milk tea from around the world to gather and exchange but also further promoted the unique culture of Hong Kong style milk tea as a local Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong.


Exhibiting at 2021 International Property Management & Procurement Expo


The first “International Property Management & Procurement Expo” was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from 4 to 6 November, to render property managers and service providers an exceptional platform to access new solutions to enhance their service quality and help make their operation cost-effective, more professional and all-rounded.


Towngas Sustainability Conference: Innovation x Energy Transition


Carbon neutrality becomes the key issue around the world and the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) summit brought parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Towngas, as a leading energy provider in Hong Kong and Mainland China, organised the “Innovation x Energy Transition” Conference on 3 November.

Together with the experts and academias from various fields, the Conference aims to echo the importance of international efforts in climate change through innovative technologies in the industry. 


Exhibiting at Eco Expo Asia 2021


The 16th Eco Expo Asia was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from 27 to 30 October, with the theme of "Promoting Green Recovery for Carbon Neutrality". As a green energy company, Towngas showcased our corporate, environmental and social activities to the public. Among them, CIMSD displayed two environmental-friendly projects using renewable energy, including the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system in Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital making use of landfill gas, and the Integrated D-PAU with Solar Collectors in Tsim Sha Tsui H Zentre. A 1:5 3D model of the integrated D-PAU was also exhibited, to showcase the internal components, and help convey the working principle in an easy-to-understand manner.


Towngas and City U co-authored academic paper published in prestigious Journal: Energy & Buildings


Over years of hard work in field measurement and data analysis, our academic paper co-authored with the School of Energy and Environment (SEE) in the City University of Hong Kong is now published in the Energy and Buildings Journal (Volume 254). Energy and Buildings is an international journal publishing articles with explicit links to energy use in buildings. The research paper “On-site measurement and simulation investigation on condensation dehumidification and desiccant dehumidification in Hong Kong” highlights the improvement in indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy saving bought by desiccant dehumidification in Hong Kong commercial buildings. By presenting this new proven practice, the Journal aimed at reducing the energy needs of a building and improving indoor environment quality.


Themed Talk Organised by the Institution of Dining Art


Towngas sponsored the Institution of Dining Art to hold a themed talk at the Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel on 6 October. The key theme of the talk was ways that the catering industry could evolve and respond in the post-pandemic times. Through the exchange and sharing, it is hoped that the catering industry can proactively face the impact and adapt to the new normal in the market with a positive mindset.

Numerous guests from different industries were invited to deliver speeches, including Lai Sun Dining Group Vice President Mr. Anthony Lau, Yahoo Vice President & Head of APAC Sales Mr. Rico Chan, Hong Thai Enterprises Company Limited Director Mr. Jason Wong, Professor of Practice of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Mr. Tony Tse, AB Concept Principal and Managing Director Mr. Johnny Li and Rice Robotics Head of Product & Technology Ms. Sophiya Chiang.


Collaborating with the Institution of Dining Art for Local Green Tour


Towngas attaches great importance to its interaction with the catering industry. In addition to maintaining close communication, Towngas also shares the latest developments and fosters industry exchange by organising visits to green destinations. On 23 September, Towngas jointly organised local green tour with the Institution of Dining Art.

Representatives from Towngas and participating organisations visited Go Green Organic Farm and Hong Kong Hydroponics Plantation Farm to experience organic farming and learn about natural, organic products. Visiting Ping Shan Heritage Trail and Nan Lian Garden provided a relaxing environment for participants to get to know one another. Aside from enjoying nature, the events enhanced industry development by promoting an understanding of the market and the relevant business opportunities.


Collaborating with Ocean Park Hong Kong on Asia’s first, all-weather, year-round seaside water park


Water World, the new addition to Ocean Park Hong Kong, officially opened in September, drawing numerous visitors as a much anticipated attraction. Occupying an area of around 700,000 square feet, Water World is Asia’s first all-weather, year-round seaside water park. But how is it able to welcome visitors under all kinds of weather? As Towngas has the pleasure of taking part in its construction, the following behind-the-scenes examples of MasterCraft may help illustrate.

Towngas provided four 500RT gas absorption chillers, and by utilizing condensing heat recovery technology, the systems are able to supply heating water and chilled water simultaneously, thereby easily attaining comfortable temperatures for both summer and winter. As a result, gas consumption is reduced and overall system efficiency is enhanced.

Water World is Hong Kong’s first project to operate its central air-conditioning system by utilizing cooling and heating modes simultaneously. This reduced the number of hot water boilers needed from 13 to six, significantly reducing investment for equipment purchase and space. More importantly, by replacing chemical refrigerants with water, it eliminates global warming potential (GWP), further contributing towards sustainability.

Aside from its central air-conditioning system, Water World also makes use of six condensing hot water boilers with a capacity of 1,280 kilowatts each. They provide a continuous supply of hot water for the indoor heated pool and shower facilities so that visitors can enjoy a warm environment even in winter. The condensation design not only recovers the heat energy of the exhaust gas, but also attains an efficiency of over 90% with low exhaust temperature.

At indoor heated swimming pools, water vapor from the warm surface of pool condenses, which accelerates facilities deterioration and leads to heightened maintenance and repair costs. This issue is even more serious for Water World due to its proximity to the sea, Thus, the park introduced five hot water-typed desiccant dehumidifiers which remove extra moisture from the air through a desiccant wheel. This reduces the cooling load of the air-conditioning system while attaining precise humidity control to ensure a comfortable indoor environment. The gas desiccant dehumidification system not only reduced the smell and bacteria resulting from high humidity, but also enhanced indoor air quality for visitors to enjoy.

Pay a visit to Water World with your friends and family to experience the MasterCraft engineered comfort for yourself. Don’t miss the three restaurants on the premises offering a vast choice of dishes. These dining venues and the staff canteen utilize kitchen equipment provided by Towngas for unique flavors characteristics of flame cooking.


Sponsoring Organic Farm Visit for the Hong Kong Laundry Services Association


As an energy and gas equipment supplier, Towngas has always been the most important business partner for the laundry industry. Sponsored by Towngas, organic farm visit has been conducted by the Hong Kong Laundry Services Association on 18 Sep. Participants had hands-on visits to organic farms in Go Green Organic Farm, harvesting the fresh produce and came into contact with lovely alpaca, which can rarely be found in HK. Then, the team paid a visit to one of our C&I clients, the Koon Chun Sauce Factory in Yuen Long. Based in Hong Kong for nearly a century, the factory prepares sauces in a natural way and then pasteurizes and packs the sauce with modern automated equipment under a hygienic and clean environment. The factory tour is more than a tour, but a journey of a local brand bringing HK’s culinary influence to far corners of the world. It offered an opportunity for strengthening networking between practitioners, promoting mutual exchanges, as well as experiencing the joy of organic life!


Sponsoring the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration Event organised by The Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Charitable Foundation


Every year, when Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, The Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Charitable Foundation Limited hosts events in celebration, with this year's events held on 15 and 20 September. Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally a time for families to gather, yet some elders are not able to share in the happiness. In response, Towngas sponsored the events with a view to sharing love and care with the community by distributing walking stick umbrellas to more than 200 seniors at Victory Avenue Swatow Baptist Church and SAGE Kwan Fong Mrs Susie Cho Tsing Yi Developing Horizon (Extension of Kwai Chung Centre). The recipients expressed their thanks for Towngas' thoughtfulness.


Supporting Catering Industry Soccer Match


The Catering Industry Soccer Match hosted by The Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Limited was held on 9 September at Diamond Hill Po Kong Village Road Park Soccer Pitch. The Association invited representatives from other catering organisations, including the Association of Restaurant Managers, Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades, and Institution of Dining Art to jointly form the Hong Kong Catering Invitation Team to take part in the tournament, which saw enthusiastic participation.

The Towngas Soccer Team was led by Mr Peter Wong, the Company’s Deputy Managing Director. The match kicked off with the Towngas team opening the featured game against the co-team comprising representatives from the four participating associations. The matches were vigorous, fuelling the audience’s applause and cheers for their respective teams.

The game not only strengthened participants’ physique and fostered team spirit, but also provided a casual and fun platform for exchange to further industry communication, with a view to continuing their support for industry development.


HOFEX 2021


As the first and only industrial trade fair exhibition held in Hong Kong under the pandemic this year, HOFEX 2021 took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 7 to 9 September 2021.

With its cooperating partner, Champion Group International Limited, Towngas exhibited a series of innovative and automated kitchen equipment for commercial and industrial customers. By providing a Total Kitchen Solution, the equipment helps enhance the competitiveness of the catering industry, improve employees’ occupational safety, and optimise kitchen management.


Towngas Integrated D-PAU on HKGBC GreenMAG Plus+


Our recent project in H Zentre combines the Integrated Primary Air-handling Unit with desiccant wheel (Integrated D-PAU) with solar thermal collectors. The environmentally friendly design not only improves IAQ but also includes the use of renewable energy. With its innovative and energy saving elements, the project has attracted worldwide attention and international awards, let's click to Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC)'s E-Newsletter for more.



Application of Integrated D-PAU at Cordis Hotel


It is common for hotels to control their indoor temperature and humidity using conventional HVAC systems. However, regulating humidity by such means for extended periods of time not only increases operation costs, but also causes discomfort to guests due to the low temperature. Since most guests would stay in their rooms overnight, it is of utmost importance to control the indoor humidity for the sake of their health.

Recently, Towngas installed its Integrated D-PAU system at Cordis Hotel to regulate the relative humidity of upper-level guest rooms. To fulfil the Hotel’s high standard for air quality and humidity, an air-purification system is installed in the Integrated D-PAU to effectively reduce odours, bacteria, and viruses in the indoor space. In addition, by keeping the floor and ceilings, furniture and fixtures in optimal condition, the system leads to savings in maintenance and renovation costs. With better circulation of cool and fresh air, the hotel can deliver services in an environment that enhances customer satisfaction.


Sponsored organic farm visit for Kwan Sang Catering Professional Employees Association


Sponsored by Towngas, organic farm visit has been conducted by Kwan Sang Catering Professional Employees Association on 20 Aug 2021. Participants visited Go Green Organic Farm, Hong Kong Ganoderma Centre and Nan Lian Garden. It offered an opportunity for strengthening networking between practitioners , as well as allowing participants to enjoy farming and promoting green living.


Towngas installs D-PAU system for the CT Scan Room of Hong Kong Baptist Hospital


With the success of installing the Integrated PAU with Desiccant Wheel (D-PAU) System at Hong Kong Baptist Hospital in 2019, humidity control at the nurse station and ward area on 7/F has been greatly enhanced, the Hospital is satisfied with the D-PAU system.

While the ferrous materials and electronic components are prone to corrosion in high humidity environment, the expensive medical equipment heavily relies on the need for precise relative humidity control. In view of previous success, the Hospital decides to install additional D-PAU system for the CT Scan Room, to achieve favorable humidity control.

The working principle of D-PAU system is by integrating the desiccant wheel into the PAU, instead of using direct-gas fired for its regeneration process, hot water supplied by N-Pack water heaters was used to heat up the reactivation air through heat exchanger. By doing so, it not only mitigates the risk of mixing exhausted flue gas with the dry processed air; but also reducing installation space and equipment cost by sparing the need for a standalone dehumidifier and associated ductworks.


Joint Catering Associations Basketball Tournament


Sponsored by Towngas, the Joint Catering Associations Basketball Tournament took place from 5 to 16 July 2021. Representatives from the catering industries, including the Association for the Hong Kong Catering Services Management, Association of Restaurant Managers, the Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades Limited, and Institution of Dining Art, took part in the tournament.

The tournament ended with a friendly match comprising representatives from Towngas and the four other participating organisations. Through the exciting matches, participants were able to form new friendships.


In support of “30% Off Dining Discounts”


To help the catering industry combat the challenges presented by the pandemic, Towngas is lending its full support to the “30% Off Dining Discounts” campaign co-organised by eight catering associations and the Hong Kong Tourism Board. With the aim of spurring spending and reviving the catering industry, the campaign will run from 15 July to 31 August. Parties of four or more who have received the COVID-19 vaccine can enjoy a discount of 30 per cent at participating eateries.

The 30 per cent discount applies to an array of spending, such as the whole bill, set meals and designated menus. For details and a list of participating restaurants, please visit http://diningdiscount.hk . Eateries are welcome to sign up for the campaign at bit.ly/3ANeB8O.


LinkedIn Page for CIMSD has officially launched


Being one of the largest energy suppliers in Hong Kong, we supply town gas to over 1.9 million customers. Among which, Commercial & Industrial Marketing & Sales Department (CIMSD) provides a wide range of tailor-made applications, such as catering, central hot water systems and desiccant dehumidification systems to suit the business needs of different industries and trades, with users spanning the restaurants, manufacturing, hotels, hospitals, municipal buildings and theme parks.

In order to connect and strengthen professional relationships with trade associations and business partners, CIMSD has set up a showcase page on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network, to share C&I product update, customer showcases and market news, for followers to know more about our corporate culture and master the latest technology trend.

Want to know more of what we are doing? Scan the QR code to follow the CIMSD LinkedIn!


Sponsored organic farm visit for the Association for the Hong Kong Catering Services Management


Sponsored by Towngas, organic farm visit has been conducted by the Association for the Hong Kong Catering Services Management on 7 July 2021. Participants visited Go Green Organic Farm, Hong Kong Ganoderma Centre and Nan Lian Garden. The green tour provided great opportunities for participants to enjoy farming experience, to know about organic products as well as to enhance the relationships among association members.


Rice dumplings delivery for the elderly


The Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Charitable Foundation Limited hosted the rice dumpling delivery for the underprivileged every year. Sponsored by Towngas, the event was held on 9 and 11 June this year. Rice dumplings are delivered to the elderly, sending festive warmth and blessings to people in need. More than 250 elderly people participated in this event.


2020 Young Chef Chinese Culinary Competition


2020 Young Chef Chinese Culinary Competition, which sponsored by Towngas and organized by Chinese Culinary Institute, has successfully completed on 22 June 2021. Candidates of the Youth, Youth with outstanding Knife Skills and Open categories competed for the Final with specific ingredients – Beef, Carrot and Fish respectively. This competition provides a platform for young chefs to exchange ideas with other candidates, uplift the Chinese cooking standard, identify and nurture potential young chefs.


Grand Opening of CUHK Medical Centre Provides Pioneering Solutions in Healthcare


The grand opening of the CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC) took place on 6 January 2021. With 16 special medical centres and 516 in-patient beds to be launched in phases, the centre provides outpatient and day services in its initial phase of operation. Towngas contributed to its development by providing the gas connection to three 1000kW hot water boilers to serve the patient bathing and space heating needs of the hospital.

As a private teaching hospital wholly owned by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), all surpluses from healthcare services will be ploughed back to the hospital for hospital development and the CUHK Faculty of Medicine for research and teaching. Realising the vision of "pioneering solutions in healthcare", CUHKMC is a non-profit hospital that delivers high quality healthcare services at prices which are transparent and affordable. Towngas is delighted to have played a part in the progression and growth of CUHKMC by providing reliable gas supply and gas equipment, thus to provide a safe and healthy environment to the hospital.


Improving indoor air quality with desiccant dehumidification for healthy and comfortable living


As the public becomes increasingly aware of the socioeconomic impact of indoor air quality (IAQ), and realises that poor indoor environments can lead to mould growth and "sick building syndrome" (SBS), different stakeholders in the community are working to improve IAQ. Over the years, Towngas, as the leading energy provider in Hong Kong, has committed efforts to promote the innovative use of desiccant dehumidification among large-scale enterprises and indoor premises for indoor humidity control. In order to enhance public education to promote awareness of the importance of IAQ, Towngas has gathered information and reference materials related to IAQ and published the Indoor Air Quality: Innovative Technology for Healthy & Comfort Living booklet introducing the importance of IAQ and the working principle of desiccant dehumidification system. The booklet also showcases Towngas’ wide application of gas desiccant dehumidification systems, including the standalone desiccant dehumidifier and the integrated D-PAU in a vast range of sectors, with users spanning the pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, hotel, hospital and luxury housing fields. If you are interested in this publication, please scan the QR Code below or contact us for a printed version. Through improving IAQ by adopting advanced energy efficiency technologies, Towngas facilitates clients' achievement of building sustainability objectives.


3D model of integrated D-PAU exhibited at the Hall of Innovation


Towngas emphasizes "G = I x I", a culture of innovation which allows full play to employees' creativity in order to foster business growth and an innovative mindset. Since its relocation to the 20th floor of Towngas' headquarters in North Point, the Hall of Innovation has showcased even more original concepts developed by colleagues, including the 3D model of integrated D-PAU invented by the Commercial & Industrial and Marketing & Sales teams.

The integrated D-PAU was first applied at H Zentre, the first development in Hong Kong that puts wellness and health at its forefront. In recent years, it has been utilised in hospitals and hotels as well. By integrating standard PAU components with a desiccant wheel and hot water heating coil, the system serves the functions of dehumidification and space-heating as a single compact unit. What's more, it can be integrated with solar collectors to conserve energy during desiccant wheel regeneration.  With the addition of optional Electrostatic Precipitator (EP) and Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) UV lamp components, the system can even filter fine particles and eliminate microbes to meet ever-rising hygiene standards. Due to the size of the PAU, it is difficult to exhibit its internal structure. Thus, a 3D model is made in a 1:5 ratio, with internal components clearly showcased under a transparent plastic cover. Equipped with lights that illustrate the flow of water and the motor driving the desiccant wheel, the 3D model helps convey the principle of the integrated D-PAU in an easy-to-understand manner.

Towngas is keen to share its inventions with the community, and regularly invites guests from different institutions and groups to visit and introduce them to the Company's research and development. If you would like to learn more about Towngas' culture of innovation and pay a visit to the Hall of Innovation, please feel free to make an appointment.


New hotels openings present new opportunities for the gas business


Year 2020 saw the grand opening of new property from two international luxury hotel groups in Hong Kong, to which Towngas contributed by constructing their central hot water systems as well as open-flame gas cooking appliances fortheir culinary teams to prepare international cuisine.

Marriott International established Sheraton Hong Kong Tung Chung Hotel and Four Points by Sheraton Hong Kong Tung Chung at the town centre of Tung Chung. Having both opened in December 2020, the two hotels are inter-connected, and provide a total of 1,219 rooms. The properties enjoy a 180-degree panoramic sea view, and offer different types of cuisine ranging from modern Chinese to grilled meat and buffet as well as local craft beer, providing convenient all-day dining options for guests in a comfortable environment.

Also opened in December 2020 was The Hari hotel, operated by Harilela Hotels Ltd. Located on Lockhart Road, Wan Chai and offering 210 luxury bedrooms, The Hari is the work of a renowned London design firm. The hotel houses an authentic Italian restaurant and a show-stopping Japanese restaurant with a terrace, where guests can take in the stunning views of the city amidst the hustle and bustle of Wan Chai.

These hotels provide guests with the ultimate accommodation experience, and will soon become the staycation option of choice for Hong Kongers. With the expected revival of the tourism industry and a number of major hotel projects to be completed in the coming year, Towngas looks forward to the new opportunities presented for the long-term business growth of its gas sales.


Hospital Authority replaces diesel boiler with gas steam boiler for Chai Wan Laundry


To cater for the growing demand for healthcare services, Towngas has been providing stable gas supply for and participating in a number of hospital development projects with the Hospital Authority (HA). After replacing a boiler at Caritas Medical Centre earlier, Towngas continued its successful collaboration with HA by extending the use of gas to the steam boiler in its Chai Wan Laundry. By using town gas as its main fuel, the steam boiler conversion reduces greenhouse gas emission and contributes to environmental protection.

While the frontline medical staff are busy saving lives, HA's supporting departments also play an important role. With over 40 years of history, the Chai Wan Laundry serves the seven hospitals and specialist outpatient clinics of the Hong Kong East Cluster by providing sterile and clean clothes for medical staff and patients. For operation efficiency, HA has continuously optimised its workflow and equipment to cope with the heavy laundry work. When it replaced the laundry's 2.5 tonne steam boiler in the fourth quarter of 2020 as part of its diesel conversion project, HA cooperated with Towngas to connect its laundry to the gas network to generate steam for washing and ironing equipment such as washing machines, clothes dryers, shirt folding machines and ironing machines.

By selecting the clean energy source of town gas, the Chai Wan Laundry not only reduces the emission of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide, but also the adverse effects of burning diesel. The use of town gas reduces soot accumulation inside the boiler during combustion, and also avoids unpleasant odours stemming from the refuelling of underground tanks.  Therefore, it creates a cleaner environment for laundry staff as well as the surrounding residential neighbourhood.

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