Business for Social Good Award launched by Our Hong Kong Foundation New

Towngas participated in the Business for Social Good Outstanding Award and was honoured with the Business for Social Good Award, the first alike award in Hong Kong, launched by Our Hong Kong Foundation. The aim of this Award is to identify local examples of creating social and environmental benefits through profitmaking businesses.

Towngas’ engineering team actively explored the feasibility of using landfill gas from North East New Territories Landfill as the energy source for generator. After our continuous attempts and enhancements, the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Generating System was successfully established last year which can supply landfill gas to Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital  (Nethersole Hospital) as energy for generator to jointly achieve the environmental protection concept of “turning waste into energy”. With the CHP Generating System, the flue gas and residual heat from cooling water produced by the landfill gas generator installed in Nethersole Hospital will be recovered to produce steam and hot water for disinfection, laundry and other purposes in the hospital. It is estimated that Nethersole Hospital will save about HK$ 2.7 million in energy costs each year.

By implementing this project, Towngas can increase its gas sales and profit, landfill gas can be properly treated and Nethersole Hospital can also save its energy cost. It is definitely a win-win-win Business for Social Good project.


HKGBC Green Product Accreditation and Standards (HK G-PASS): Chiller Category

The Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) presented the award of Green Product Accreditation and Stardards (HK G-PASS) to Towngas for the contribution towards green building. We were awarded Silver rating in Chiller category with Broad Direct-Fired Absorption Chiller/Heater. HK G-PASS provides a practical and recognised standard for industry practionioners as well as end users to compare the greeness of different construction materials and helps them to select safer, more efficient and sustainable building products.

Utilising clean towngas or renewable energy as a fuel, our Direct-Fired Absorption Chiller/Heater can provide chilling, heating and hot water for commercial buildings or contral air conditioning system, as well as raise cooling and heating efficiency substantially with the use of waste heat. The Absorption Chiller/ Heaters have been used in the theme park and many projects in Hong Kong to enhance efficiency, save cost, reduce waste and create green business opportunities.


Certificate of Appreciation for IDA‧Towngas - Fire Protection and Safety Training Course for Commerce Kitchen

"Dining Art‧Towngas - Fire Protection and Safety Training Course for Commercial Kitchen 2015" was jointly organised by Institution of Dining Art and Towngas, supported by Hong Kong Fire Services Department. The courses aims at deepening understanding towards importance of fire protection and safety for catering industry practitioners through professional training.

Appreciation Certificate was presented to Towngas after class for the supports on promoting fire protection in the catering industries.


The Salvation Army Employers' Appreciation on 5-year collaboration

The Salvation Army held the "Employers' Appreciation Ceremony 2014", expressing gratitude to 263 companies which supported The Salvation Army's employment service in the past year to help those less fortunate such as the mantally impaired, ex-mentally ill and the disadvantaged young people to work in the society.

"The Salvation Army Employers' Appreciation on 5-year collaboration" was presented to Towngas for the supports to The Salvation Army in those 5 years. We had offered the teenagers training and placement opportunities via the "Scheme of Nurturing Talents for the Catering Industry", which helped them to be be self-reliant and raise their competitiveness in their work.


Award for Catering Industry Development

Towngas has been cooperating with the catering industries for many years and striving to support and promote different trade activities. The Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades presented the "Award for Catering Industry Development" to Towngas for the contribution on boosting the development of catering industries.

As one of the Hong Kong Public Utilities, Towngas always supported the development of catering industries. In addition to providing clean energy and high efficient appliances, we kept track on the market trends and needs and sponsored the trade competition and activities to attract new catering entries and improve the profession of the industries.


VTC 30th Anniversary Awards: Strategic Partner Award & Outstanding Sponsor Award

Towngas always support professional education and training with the focus on innovative thinking and practice, which helps students to achieve their potential and lead to success. Vocational Training Centre (VTC) presented "VTC 30th Anniversary Awards" to those contributing to professional training and development. Towngas was awarded the "Strategic Partner Award" and "Outstanding Sponsor Award" for the support on professional training and development.

Towngas has been supporting VTC for many years, including installation of catering appliances, water heating system, gas piping and related supports for the VTC building in Po Fu Lam. It helped give pre-occupational training on flame cooking, which also helped students to develop their passion in working and to be the new star in catering industries.


Certificate of Appreciation for IDA‧Towngas - Fire Protection and Safety Training Course for Commerce Kitchen

Towngas always promote the corporate health and safety. This year, we continued to organize the Fire Protection and Safety Training Course for Commerce Kitchen to raise the understanding and awareness of the catering workers and management on occupational health. The course mainly included the knowledge on the cause and prevention of fire in restaurants, the hazard of dangerous products and fire, the solutions when meeting fire and how to use gas safely. Trainees could also learn how to use the fire fighting equipment with hand on experience.

To enrich the course, trainees visited the Green Kitchen to explore the Cool Kitchen series of gas applilances and joined hand to engender environmental-friendly kitchen in the reality.


Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Machinery and Machine Tools

Towngas self-developed “Cool Kitchen Four Treasures ” series won the “Machinery and Machine Tools Design Award” in the prestigious “Hong Kong Awards for Industries”presented by The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong. It proved our effort and contribution in designing energy efficient and safe and reliable appliances to reduce operation cost and enhance competitiveness of the industries.

"Cool Kitchen Four Treasures" consisting of a steam cabinet, a food steamer, a wok range as well as a stockpot, which were our self-developed patent products. Towngas aims to protect to environment and keeps supplying clean energy and green products. In a commercial kitchen, the appliances using heat recovery and heat transfer techniques significantly optimized its energy efficiency and comfortable working environment, which showed that "Cool Kitchen Four Treasures" is one of our prominent achievements on innovative technology.

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