Sponsoring Catering Associations Annual Dinner New


Towngas has cooperated with the catering industry for many years, lending its support to promotional activities of a number of catering associations. This year, Towngas sponsored the Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades Annual Dinner which was held on 15 December at Hong Kong W Hotel. With a view to enhancing understanding of the catering industry, the occasion offers a platform for further exploring more business opportunities as well.


Sponsoring Asia Art of Cuisine Society – Asian Culinary Exchange 2022 New


Organized by Asia Art of Cuisine Society ‘ Asian Culinary Exchange 2022’  was held at the Chinese Culinary Institute of Hong Kong on 30 November 2022. There were 21 teams from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Shanghai, Hunan, Sichuan, etc. About 42 chef representatives gathered together with the judging team composed of professionals from the catering and hotel industries, staged a visual and taste feast.

Towngas sponsored that event which aimed at promoting culinary excellence, skills and abilities of chefs. Through the competition, it is hoped to inherit traditional craftsmanship, but also stimulates innovative cooking ideas to perform their gorgeous talents through exchanging experience, also to create more possibilities for Hong Kong catering industry.


Institute of Dining Professionals presents “HK F&B’s 25 years’ Development Multifaceted Exhibition” to celebrate HKSAR’s 25th Anniversary


The Institute of Dining Professionals, one of the largest catering business associations in Hong Kong, is committed to driving the professionalism of the Hong Kong catering industry forward. In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Towngas fully supported and sponsored the Institute of Dining Professionals to hold the “HK F&B’s 25 years’ Development Multifaceted Exhibition” at PMQ in Central from 30 September to 4 October, and to offer free admission to the public.

This exhibition showed the history and culture of Hong Kong’s catering industry and forward-looking technological developments and applications in the catering industry through photos, documentaries and related exhibits. Through the exhibition, it is hoped that the older generation could reminisce the past years of the catering industry, while the younger generation could also learn more about the 25-year history of the catering industry, explore a series of intangible cultural heritage, and have a glimpse of the successful development of time-honoured brands.



CNTF: Biofuel and Biogas Production and Usage


Towngas was invited to a sharing session held by the Carbon Neutrality Task Force (CNTF) on the topic of “Biofuel and Biogas Production and Usage” in September 2022. Mr. Stephen Chan, the General Manager – Gas Production, and Mr. Charles Tsoi, the Senior Business Development Manager – Commercial & Industrial Marketing & Sales of Towngas, shared our successful case of the first Combined Heat and Power Generating System (CHP) for hospitals in Hong Kong at Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital. It is a distributed energy project using landfill gas, a kind of renewable energy, as the energy source. With the waste heat utilisation in hot water and steam, the overall system efficiency can reach 87%.  

It can also help reduce 2,100 tons of CO2 yearly compared to a conventional system!


Towngas researches hydrogen power on the road towards carbon neutrality


In the era of promoting carbon neutrality, many countries are keen to create their own domestic development roadmaps for hydrogen. As stated in the Chief Executive’s 2021 Policy Address, Hong Kong will strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, with one of the key areas of focus being the development of green transport and the use of hydrogen fuel for public transport. In the “Climate Action Plan 2050”, the Government also proposed a pilot scheme with franchised bus companies to use hydrogen as a fuel for buses.

Hong Kong has unique advantages in developing hydrogen power, as hydrogen accounts for roughly 49 per cent of the gas mix in our supplied town gas. On the other hand, Towngas has over 3,700 km of pipelines covering various districts in Hong Kong. With such well-established gas infrastructure, we have achieved the idea of “hydrogen power for millions”. As a result, one of the possibilities is to extract hydrogen, which is not only safe and reliable but also with an endless supply, from town gas for hydrogen-powered vehicles. Hydrogen is also not limited by the capacity of storage tanks, making it easy to set up hydrogen refuelling stations at different locations.

Towngas looks forward to becoming the main supplier of hydrogen in Hong Kong. By cooperating with different stakeholders in the market, it will contribute to the establishment of the hydrogen energy industry chain in Hong Kong, and actively respond to the Government’s “Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2050” carbon reduction strategy and national “30/60” dual carbon goals.

The Hall of Future Energy by Towngas showcased the “Towngas H2 Application in Hong Kong Community” and “Towngas H2 Economy Development in Hong Kong” models, which detailed the development of hydrogen energy of Towngas, allowing different groups to book guided tours to visit. You can visit the CIMSD LinkedIn page for continuous updates on Towngas and the development of hydrogen energy. Also, you can click the link below to view our first video【Town Gas and Hydrogen】: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/towngascimsd_town-gas-and-hydrogen-activity-6965585048280477697-yiWD?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop


Public Seminar on Energy Efficiency and Conservation 2022


The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) strives to promote the efficient use of energy, ensuring a wiser use of the world’s resources. In July, EMSD organised a web seminar titled “Energy Efficiency and Conservation” to raise awareness among the public.

Mr. Charles Tsoi, the Senior Business Development Manager – Commercial & Industrial Marketing & Sales of Towngas, served as a guest speaker at the seminar and shared Towngas’ recent innovative products and services with environmental benefits with the topic of “Green and Innovative Gas Applications in Hong Kong”. The projects Mr. Tsoi mentioned include the landfill-gas-powered CHP System, the Integrated D-PAU, high-efficiency gas appliances, and potential hydrogen applications.

This seminar brought together professionals from the industry and government departments to explore energy efficiency and conservation solutions. Let’s work together to build a green living environment for Hong Kong!


Supporting the Launch of “2022 New Norms of the Post-COVID Catering Industry” Research Report by the Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants and Related Trades Charitable Foundation


Towngas is committed to its responsibility as a public utility and continues to give back to society and help the public. We have been constructing a positive and interdependent relationship with the catering industry throughout the years. Towngas has been cooperating side-by-side with the Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades and helping the Association scale new heights in continuous development. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new normal has brought significant challenges to the industry. For example, shifting in consumer patterns and the instability of labour markets could cause anxiety and confusion within the catering industry. Their business revenue also fell drastically as a direct consequence of the temporary suspension of dine-in services and the restrictions on gatherings.

Towngas supported and sponsored a research program named “Emerging Stronger From Current Crises – Embracing The New Normal of TheCatering Industry”, organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants and Related Trades Charitable Foundation. The research report launch of “2022 New Norms of The Post-COVID Catering Industry” was held on 19 May. Towngas was delighted to be awarded the Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of our shared value in fostering the development of the catering industry and the research program. The research report examines the future changes in the catering ecosystem with forward-looking thinking and provides valuable information for the industry, helping industry operators to grasp trends, effect positive changes, and adopt innovative thinking to face new market challenges, striving to adapt to the new normal in the market with a positive mindset. You are welcome to access the survey report via the download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zu_556epjEO8yMToF3u82Bswc1B66bpm/view


Fighting The Epidemic In One Heart - Distributing Anti-epidemic Care Bags To Medical Professionals New


With Hong Kong facing an unprecedented epidemic challenge posed by the rapid worsening of the fifth wave of the epidemic, we are standing with the community over the waves of the epidemic. Joining the distribution of anti-epidemic service packs with servings of soup with the Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, PDSM, JP, on 6 April at the Tsing Yi community isolation facility, we have successfully delivered our prepared care packs to express our gratitude to medical professionals who have been working hard to help citizens stay healthy, amid thousands of daily new confirmed cases; and at the same time, to demonstrate the spirit of fighting the epidemic in one heart.

Those who joined the distribution also included the Political Assistant to Secretary for Security Mr. Lau Fu-sang, Cassius, Chief Executive Deputy Chairman for Federation of Hong Kong Guangdong Community Organizations Charitable Foundation Mr. Lam Kwong-yu, MH, Chairman of the Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Charitable Foundation Mr. Poon Kuen-fai, and Chairman of the Eastern District Sports Association Mr. Yeung Wai-sing, BBS, MH. We hope that this support can boost their morale in keeping up their great efforts in fighting the epidemic. We believe that we will surely be able to resume our normal lives in the near future with the staunch support of the government and the concerted efforts of Hong Kong people.


Towngas Sponsored Nano Photocatalyst Long-lasting Disinfectant New


As social distance measures tightened amid the fifth COVID-19 wave, premise disinfection is also becoming more important than ever. Towngas is determined to unite with the various industries to overcome the challenges.

To respond to the situation and show our care for the community, Towngas sponsored a number of Nano Photocatalyst Long-lasting Disinfectants to our loyal customers, including restaurants, food factories, hotels, elderly homes and hospitals. This kind of act is motivated by a single goal: to support and stand with our clients in the face of the pandemic threats.



Sponsoring The Distribution Of Anti-epidemic Care Packs As The Number Of Infections Increases Amid The Fifth COVID Wave


The campaign, named "Caring for the Community, Fighting the Epidemic Together With Warm Soup" was led by the Eastern District Office and the Eastern District Sports Association, and co-sponsored by Towngas, the Federation of Hong Kong Guangdong Community Organisations Charitable Foundation, and the Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Charitable Foundation. The initiative was kick-started on 15 March at the Eastern District Office. Towngas sponsored a combination of 5,000 servings of soup, 6,000 medical face masks and 2,000 COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits in a bid to provide timely assistance to five residential care homes and organisations amidst the fifth wave of the pandemic and appealed to the public to stand together and help each other to fight the epidemic.

The attending guests included Towngas Head of Strategy & Innovation and Commercial – HK Utilities Mr. Daniel Fung, General Manager – Marketing and Sales Mr. Duncan Wong, District Officer (Eastern) Mr. Chan Sheung-man, JP, District Social Welfare Officer (Eastern & Wan Chai) of Social Welfare Department Ms. Woo Mei-hing, Secretary for Federation of Hong Kong Guangdong Community Organisations Charitable Foundation Mr. Yeung Wai-sing, BBS, MH, Chairman of the Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Charitable Foundation Mr. Poon Kuen-fai and Vice Chairman of the Eastern District Sports Association Mr. Hui Ka-ho, BBS, MH, etc.

The beneficiaries are as follows:

  1. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Women’s Welfare Club Western District, Hong Kong Residential Care Home for the Elderly (350 packs)

  2. Fong Shu Chuen Care & Attention Home of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (320 packs)

  3. Women's Welfare Club (Eastern District) Hong Kong Ng Siu Mui Home cum Care and Attention Unit for the Elderly (500 packs)

  4. New Home Association (330 Packs)

  5. Lee See Ping Home for the Elderly of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (500 Packs)


Towngas’s New Round of Credit Period Extension Scheme To Work Side-by-side with The Catering Industry


In view of the escalating COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on caterers, Towngas has been closely following the situation, actively engaging with the industry, understanding and striving to alleviate the difficulties faced by the operators. Towngas has been working side-by-side with the catering industry and has been their close partner. Faced with the current situation, in order to show support for the catering industry, Towngas has once again decided to launch the “Credit Period Extension Scheme for the Catering Industry” after its introduction in 2019. Starting from 1 March, all catering operators in Hong Kong can join the plan. Operators whose applications are approved can defer payment from March to May so they can settle payment from May to July. An estimate of 10,000 operators can be benefited from this plan.

To view the press release: Towngas Credit Period Extension Scheme To Help Catering Operators Cruise Through The Latest Epidemic Wave


In the Era of Promoting Hydrogen


In the era of promoting carbon neutrality, many countries are keen to create their own domestic development roadmaps for hydrogen. The hydrogen energy industry chains in Europe and Japan, for example, are already well-established. While the policy system for hydrogen energy in the Greater Bay Area has grown more comprehensive, a hydrogen energy industry cluster was formed with more than 300 related enterprises. The HKSAR Government will also engage with franchised bus firms to perform hydrogen fuel cell bus trials, as stated in the Chief Executive's 2021 Policy Address.

The Automotive Platforms and Application Systems R&D Centre (APAS), which is part of the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), held the "The Era of Hydrogen" Industry Network Clusters (INC) in January 2022 to look into the feasibility of using hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Hong Kong as well as the technology required. Experts in the field were invited to deliver speeches on the topic to stimulate discussion among market players. The INC received an overwhelming response where representatives in different sectors, including the Environmental Protection Department, and Electrical and the Mechanical Services Department, power companies and motor companies, shared their visions of developing hydrogen and the challenges facing. The vigorous discussion laid a foundation for future exchanges in the field.

Towngas General Manager – Commercial & Industrial Marketing & Sales Mr. Don Cheng advocated in his presentation that Hong Kong has unique advantages in developing hydrogen. “Hydrogen, which accounts for roughly 49 percent of the gas mix in our supplied town gas, is one of the most important components. On the other hand, Towngas has over 3,600 km of pipelines covering various districts in Hong Kong. With such well-established gas infrastructure, it shows that we have achieved the idea of "hydrogen power for millions"." Mr. Cheng added. He also suggested a future opportunity that hydrogen gas could be extracted from town gas to produce hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles. This approach not only offers a safe, reliable and continuous source of hydrogen, but also acts as a convenient solution as hydrogen refueling stations can be set up at different locations easily.

This INC marked the first step towards popularising fuel cell vehicles and accelerated the development of new energy vehicles in Hong Kong. It is hoped that through the cooperation of different stakeholders in the society, the hydrogen energy ecosystem in Hong Kong can be developed steadily, providing the public with the choice of clean energy vehicles as an alternative.


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